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arokicons's Journal

arokicons @ lj.com
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welcome to arokicons, the only arok icon challenge community on lj. it's all pretty much your normal icon challenge community & the rules are below, but if you ever have any questions feel free to drop me a line here.

#001. friend the community if you want to participate.
#002. icons must be within lj standards. that means no bigger than 100x100, smaller than 40kb, gif, jpg, or png.
#003. pay attention to each challenge post to see how many icons you can submit & if there are any other special requirements.
#004. vote for the specified number of icons each week.
#005. do not ever vote for yourself.
#006. icons should be new & made specifically for the challenge. do not recycle icons.
#007. do not post your icons anywhere until the winners are announced.
#008. submit your icons in a comment to the challenge post. these comments will be screened.
#009. when submitting icons, please upload them to http://www.tinypic.com & provide both the html tag & the url to the icon.

tuesday: current challenge ends; voting begins.
wednesday: winners from current challenge are announced; entries are unscreened; next challenge is posted.

want to affiliate? drop a comment in any post!
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